Creality 3D is a well-known brand when it comes to Best 3d printers! so we have compiled a list of different 3D printers of Creality 3d with respect to different models and with reviews!

Here are Top 6 Best Creality 3d Printers which are reviewed by our specialist and it will help you to make a wise decision.

Most of the 3d printers are easily available online due to high demand so availability would never be an issue for you.

If you are a 3d printing geek then creality cr 10 is really a perfect choice and recommended by us as it is more reliable and Affordable 3d printer with superb specification.


3D Printer Name 
CR-10 Mini 3D Printer
(Editor’s Choice)
Creality3d Ender 3 - 3D Printer
CR-10 S5 Creality 3D Printing Printer
HICTOP Creality CR-10 3D Printer
HICTOP CR-10S 3D Printer
Creality 3D Printer CR-10S

1. CR-10 Mini 3D Printer Review – Best Affordable

Creality 3d CR-10 miniA printer is a key component for every individual and this is why getting the best one available is the right thing to do. And when Creality 3d CR-10 mini is available then there is no need to go anywhere else.

The 3d CR-10 mini has got everything covered for you including printing on bigger models as well as resume printing after any problem or hiccup.

All these things differentiate this particular printer with the other printers that are currently available and can be used.

The main highlight of this particular printer is its ability to resume printing from where you left. Often we encounter problems where the printer stops printing in case there is a power outage or there is any other lapse due to which printing operations are not taking place. Thus this is where the CR-10 mini is at its best.

This particular printer will resume printing from where it left making it easier for people to know that the print is starting from where it stopped. This particular feature is also very helpful in cases where there is a lot of paper wastages as you start printing the entire thing again and again even when you don’t need it.

The Creality 3d CR-10 mini eases the overall printing process for you. The print size from this particular printer is not limited to small prints only as you have the print size available of 300x220x300 mm.

The accuracy of the printer in terms of printing is astonishing with rate of +0.1 mm only. The minimum printing speed of the printer is 80 mm/s while the maximum speed can go up to as high as 200 mm/s.

The printer can run on different operating software including OSX, Linux, and Windows. The ideal working condition temperature for the printer varies in the range of 10-30 degree Celsius while the humidity levels are said to be around 20-50%.

Whenever you go for a new printer the most common problem that people often face is that there is a lot of problem in assembling the particular product.

But that is not the case here with the Creality CR-10 mini where you can easily assemble the printer without any issues as there is only three sets in it. the overall assembling time of the printer is about 15 minutes only, making it easier and simpler for you to install and assemble the printer without any issues or problems.


  • Easy to assemble
  • High printing accuracy
  • High printing speed
  • Resume printing feature
  • No proper instructions given to assemble the product
  • Centre of the print bed is lower than the edges

The Creality3d CR-10mini 3D Printer is one of the best printers that you can get specifically if you witness a lot of power outage and due to it your printing stops every now and then. This is where this particular product becomes of utmost importance for you. Hence a must buy product for people who want to have resume print feature but its price is on the higher side.


2. Creality3d Ender 3 – 3D Printer Original Review

3D Ender 3 PrinterAnother printer that you can have that too in an affordable price range is the 3D Ender 3 Printer by Creality 3D.

Just like the previous printer that we discussed, this particular printer also has the resume print feature which makes it effective and efficient so that there are no problems where there is any power outage or lapse with the printer as you can start printing from where you left from at that very stage.

Assembling this particular 3D printer is also very easy and it takes about 30 minutes only to assemble it from scratch.

The safety protected power supply of the printer is another reason why you don’t have to worry about the power supply as it is protected and can reach 100 degree Celsius in less than 5 minutes.

There is also an advanced technology of that reduces the plugging risk that are associated with these kinds of printers for quite some time now.

Creality Ender 3 Review

The V-Slot in this printer makes it easier to print as there is no noise and prints are coming out smoothly without any hassle.

While majority of the printers that we have seen in the past are closed source printers, this particular printer is an open-sourced printer. All the files and firmware are available on the Grithub page of the company allowing developers and hardware operators to bring in something new through this open source printer.

This is another attraction that you may not find in some of the other printer manufacturing companies as these open sourced things are the best when you want to get in some new ideas and rewarding those ideas later on.

The layer thickness of the print will vary from 0.1-0.4 mm while the nozzle dimension is of about 0.4 mm only. The maximum temperature of the nozzle is around 255 degree Celsius while the maximum hotbed temperature is around 110 degree Celsius.

Another good thing about this particular printer is that it can work in both online and SD offline mode as well.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Resume print feature
  • Official 3D store of Creality 3D
  • Low cost
  • Print bed is not flat
  • Prints can take hours to come

The creality ender 3 may not be the best printer that is available right now but it surely is one of the most cost-effective 3D printers that you can find right now. So if cost is not an option for you, then there are better 3D printers in the line.


3. CR-10 S5 Creality 3D Printing Printer/Desktop DIY Kits (Largest Build Size 500x500x500mm)

CR-10 S5 Creality 3D Printing PrinterIf you have always wanted to get your hands on the biggest of the 3D printers than this particular model is the one for you. The 3D printer is massive with dimensions of 500x500x500 mm heated plate.

Not only this, the overall weight of this product is huge as it weighs about 55.1 pounds while the capacity of the 3D printer is 25 kilogram. As the product itself is huge, there are quite a few features that are available which will make printing a lot easier.

One such thing is the patent technology for the aluminum slot bearing alongside precision roller that makes printing products smoothly and accurately. The chances of issues start to decrease because of this particular product.

And the result is a high-end quality product that you may not have witnessed had it been printed from any other mission.

Just like the design of the other Creality printing products, the design of this particular product is also quite simple and there is no technical installation process required in it.

CR-10 S5 Creality 3D printer Review:

If proper care is taken then this particular product has the capacity to print for 200 hours under ideal conditions which is huge and brings in stable performance of the printer.

The printing speed of this particular CR-10 S5 Creality 3D printer is slow compared to the other printers as it can print at a speed of 20 mm/s. The normal printing speed of this particular 3D printer is less than 100 mm/s.

The operating page can be finalized in either Chinese or English, whatever language is best suitable and required.

The printer also supports a handful of software that includes Solid-works, UG, 3D-MAX, Rhino 3D Design, and others. You can use this printer offline with the help of SD Card while you can also print the design online with the help of your PC.

Just like this particular 3D printer can support different software to run, it can also support different operating systems to run. Some of the operating systems on which this  CR-10 S5 Creality 3D printer can run and support includes Windows, Linux, OSX Operating software, CURA, repetier-host, simplify 3-D, and others.

The overall package weight of this 3D Printer is about 25 kg that includes filament as well. Often you would find that there are no warranty offers or discounts when 3D printers are sold but that is not the case anymore.


  • Patent technology
  • Print for 200 hours
  • Warranty and lifetime support.
  • High print speed
  • The size of the printer is too big which usually becomes a nuisance to carry
  • The price is very high as you may get some other interesting thing in this price range.

This particular product is recommended for only those people who have heavy printing on daily basis as only they can then afford this machine. Apart from this it is really difficult for people to go for this particular product.


4. HICTOP Creality CR-10 3D Printer Review

HICTOP Creality CR-10 The Hictop Creality CR-10 3D printer is the ultimate solution to your problems of small models as with this printer you can get large print sizes only. The maximum print size that you can get from this particular model is of 300x300x400 mm.

The assembly part of this model is also very easy as all you need is to assemble the three sets that you receive on delivery. The overall total assembly time will take at a maximum of 20 minutes which is more than what it usually takes to assemble and set this 3D printer.

The wiring process of the printer is also easy and convenient as you can see all the wires are connected to the main control board of the printer.

The cables of the printer are also attached to the main control board which makes it easier to go through the wiring process especially at a time when things need to be done on urgent basis.

The overall service life of this particular product also increases with long service life as it has imported linear navigation that has low friction in it.

Another key feature of this particular 3D printer by Creatlity is the ability to make prints that too for 200 hours without any pressure at all. This is something that makes it a standout player from quite a few 3D printers that are available in the market.

The product is on a bit expensive side but it has some features with it that can back up its price.

  • High printing accuracy
  • Printing time of about 200 hours
  • Power supply unit
  • Big printing size
  • Price on a higher side

The product itself is quite useful but the only main issue that is with Hictop Creality CR-10 3D printer is that it’s price is on the higher side. You can get some other 3D printers of the same company with some different specifications at less than this price.


5. HICTOP CR-10S 3D Printer Review-Best for the Money

HICTOP CR-10S 3D PrinterThis particular printer has been designed in a way that you can get the highest of accuracy in printing with low noise and stability through this printer only.

The printer also has the capacity to print in big volume due to the presence of Z axies screw rod. Just like the previous printers that we discussed, this particular printer also has the option of resuming printing once you witness and power outage or any lapse.

All these things make it an efficient option for a 3D printer that you can opt for.

While we discussed that the printer can print big volume, we now also know that the printer has the ability to print big models as well with the maximum printing size being 300x300x400 mm.

This size can also be upgraded as you can get a bigger size of 500x500x500 mm. it all depends on your needs and what size do you think that it will be enough for me and I don’t need any further big models.

Another advantage of this 3D printer is that it can work continuously for more than 100 hours.

The overall assembly process of the printer is easy as it takes about 10 minutes to build as you only need to set the wires. There are only three sets that need to be assembled so that you can easily assemble and start accessing it easily. All the wires area easily attached to the labels so there is nothing to worry about wiring or something like that.

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You can also keep an eye on the filament whether the filament is running out or not. This can be monitored through the CR-10S board that contains the filament alarming function.

The HICTOP CR-10S 3D Printer supports different software including PROE, solid-works, UG, Rhino, 3D Max, design software, and others. The available language is English only and there is no other language that will be spoken there.

  • High accuracy
  • Printing volume in bulk
  • Low noise
  • Stable
  • Low printing quality
  • High price

Having different options for Best 3D printer this particular printer should be at the last so there are certain problems with it and the price is also on the higher side. So if you are able to afford this particular printer and its expenses only then you should go for it otherwise you shouldn’t.


6. Creality 3D Printer CR-10S Blue New Version with Dual Z Axis Leading Screws Filament Detector

Creality 3D Printer CR-10S Accuracy is one of the most wanted features that you want in any printer and Creality 3D CR-10S provides you that accuracy alongside noiseless and more stable printing than ever.

The printer has a printing size of 300x300x400 but despite that it has noiseless and stable printing. The printer comes up with a Filament Monitoring Alarm Protection as well with and upgraded Dual Z kit. The filament diameter measures about 1.75 mm.

Another important reason to have this printer is the ease and convenience that you get once you are installing it. People look out for printers that are easy to install and don’t take much time in the installing process as a complex process can take away all your interest. The Creality CR-10S takes only 10 minutes to assemble as you only need to install Z-plane kit on the XY plane.

Once you are done with it then you are done with the overall installation process making it a portable and convenient mode to install the printer.

The printer itself can run on different operating systems like Linux, Windows, MAC, and others and at the same time can support different software like 3D Max, Solid-works, PROE, Rhino 3D software, and others. The printer also has support for input options like SD card and USB while the language supported is English only.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Supports different OS
  • Stable and noiseless printing
  • Price is on the higher side

People who want to have the best 3D printer and don’t care much about the price than they should opt for this one as they will get all the options and features under one roof only.