QIDI Technology 3D Printer New Model Review

QIDI Technology 3D Printer New Model Review


QIDI Technology 3D Printer New ModelIt is just a matter of decade that 3D printers were hulking and expensive machined used only by big factories and well-renowned co-corporations. Thanks to the rapidly growing technology that has made the availability of these machines even to very small business and schools.

There are lots of brands producing thousands of 3D printers. This great diversity has made confusion for the buyer that which one is best for him and which one he should buy see also Qidi Technology.

This review article is a treasure for such buyer because in this article I am going to tell them about the leading 3D printer’s producer brand and a top quality product by them. Just invest few on reading this article it will save your money and will rescue you from being fooled by local 3D printer sellers.

About the brand:

The brand I am talking about has earned 50 honors, 100 partners and 1000 regular clients in just 3 years.

It is growing briskly because it has a restless team of qualified and experienced engineers. They have a goal to produce quality products according to the need of the user and to overcome the problems the clients are facing in the currently available printers.

I think you have guessed right, I talking about QITI technology. If you want to buy a 3D printer with high-resolution power, equipped with advanced features and reliable in work, you are no doubt looking for a product of QIDI technology.

Among their best products, QIDI technology 3d printer new model lies at the top.


QIDI technology is the name of the trusted brand which is enhancing the quality of their products day by day. QIDI technology 3D printer new model is loaded with 2 extruders enhancing the quality of the print.

Having all advanced features its design is kept so simple that I can fit everywhere. It is suitable for homes, schools, offices and small or large businesses.

The 3D printer under 1000 dollar has solid plastic and metallic body which ensures the durability, strength and resistant to inside heating.

QIDI technology 3D printer new model uses fused deposition modeling printing technique, which is very common these days.

It gives the layer resolution of 100 to 500 microns with poisoning precision of 11 microns on x-axis and y-axis while 2.5 microns on the z-axis.


QIDI technology 3D printer new model having Filament Diameter of 1.75 mm and Nozzle Diameter of 0.4 mm, allows the printing size of 225 mm long, 145 mm wide and 150 mm high.

Usually, most of the 3D printers don’t have self-contained software which probably cost you money on buying, which you don’t need to buy when are buying QIDI technology 3D printer.

It uses QIDI print software developed by the brand itself. It is also compatible with other Simplify3D, Cura.


Package of QIDI technology 3D printer new model contains:

PLA and ABS filaments of 1kg with random colors.

Power cable

USB pen drive

A toolbox

Features of QIDI technology 3D printer new model:


It consists of 4.3, inch touchscreen fully-loaded user-friendly environment. Which make it so easy to use that a beginner can use it safely.

Removable plate:

It enables the removal of the plate, which make it easy to take out the finished work and start the new easily.

Breakpoints printing:

If somehow your machine turns off in between the printing, you don’t need to worry when you have QIDI technology 3D printer new model, because it is capable of saving your work and start again from the same point when turned on.


QIDI technology 3D printer new model has is duel extruder 3D printer, which means it is capable of double color printing.


  • It is reliable, durable and easy to use
  • The 3D printer gives best results ever because of having 2 extruders
  • It cost much less than its competitors
  • It can fit anywhere
  • Compatible with Windows 64 bit and MAC
  • This printer comes among the five stars product on Amazon. It has got all positive remarks except some user say it lacks up to date documentation support


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