How to 3d print from Solidworks -Designing, Export File

Are you looking for CAD software that can create an STL file format for 3D printing? Look no more as we have found out the perfect software program, and that is Solid Works. Solid Works is rated as one of the best CAD software program for creating 3D models and objects. You will find many […]

How To 3D Print From Thingiverse -Interface Explained

3D printing has never been easier since the Thingiverse platform has been introduced. Thingiverse has played an important role in increasing the popularity of 3D printing. This platform has made it easier to discover and share multiple 3D designs and has created a community of like-minded people sharing files and ideas related to the field. […]

How To Scan An Object For 3D Printing?

Sometimes designing a 3D model for printing becomes a source of annoyance because of adjusting minor details in shape, and when developing a model for a real-life product, it consumes a lot of time and energy. What if we can convert a physical product into a digital model, well, it has now become possible, and […]

How To 3D Print From FUSION 360 – Features Explained

Fusion 360 is one of the most top-rated choices for creating 3D models and designs due to its advanced features and easy-to-use and understand interface. Fusion 360 allows you to work on minor details of the object, thus creating the perfect quality output. If you want to get an experience of this amazing software, continue […]

Best 3D Printer Controller Board

When dealing with electronic items, you often heard about the circuit board. Just like humans have brains to control the overall functioning of the body, in the same way, electronic items have control boards or circuit boards to look after the overall functionality of the product. Therefore, a controller board is referred to as the […]