CR-10 S5 Creality 3D Printing Printer/Desktop DIY Kits Review

CR-10 S5 Creality 3D Printing Printer/Desktop DIY Kits Review

CR-10 S5 Creality 3D Printing Printer/Desktop DIY KitsThis exciting 3D printer of Creality version CR-10 was released in the middle of 2017. It has made a mark on its performance among the community of 3D printers. It is said that it was a big hit in the history of 3D printers by Creality all because of incredibly enormous build size.

It was recognized worldwide because of its big build volume and affordable price. Most of the 3D printer series of Creality has been improved and modified in last years. All the models of Creality CR-10S have witnessed great improvement.

The major improvement point was that it comes assembled and there is no need to give it an assembly time after unboxing it. Now it is ready to start 3D printing and produce extravagant print objects. All you need to do is to attach the Z axis at the base and connect the cables. This process will not take too much time.

It can print till 200 hours (in ideal condition).  It offers 300 * 300 * 400 mm/11.81 * 11.81 * 15.75 inch print size. A user is not limited to create only small models.

It comes with 12 Months Warranty and you will be getting technical support for a lifetime. The company is offering door to door free service.

CR-10 S5 Creality 3D Printing Printer/Desktop DIY Kits

Product feature

Easy to Assemble

It is a simple design 3D printer. It comes with three set which will just take some minutes to assemble it well. The installation process is also so easy. The user doesn’t need to worry about it.

However, all wires and cables with this 3D printer come with labeling so there is no need to worry about wrong cable placement. Neither, it will take a long time.

Build quality

The build quality has been improved in this version of Creality CR. In comparison with the previous model Creality CR-10, CR-10S has improved the quality of its parts.  The Creality CR-10S 5 3D printer’s frame now uses injection- molded parts and aluminum rods.

This helps a lot in its build quality. The remaining mechanical parts are kept same as previous versions.

Machine Precision

To move the heat bed more smoothly, it is manufactured with a high precision imported Aluminum V-slot Bearing and precision roller that makes positioning accuracy higher.

if you are looking for best 3d printers under 500 then creality has different models available for it as well.

In order to refit the printing size, you can choose various specifications according to your imagination or requirement. Its MK10 nozzle extrusion structure makes it able to print more printing material without blocking.

The control model of electricity is kept separated from the printing body.

Heated bed

It has special tempered glass and aluminum alloy of industrial grade to ensure without wear and tear print performance. The model formation should be flat and easy to create and it can be done with a Massive build volume of 19.68″ x 19.68″ x 19.68″(500x500x500mm) heated plate

  • Product Specifications

Print Size:                                500*500*500mm

Body structure:                       FDM

Nozzle diameter:                     Default 0.4mm

Filament diameter:                  1.75mm Filament: 1KG PLA filament (random color)

Print speed:                             Max 200mm per second

Accuracy:                                0.05-0.4mm (adjustable)

Power supple:                          Input 110-220V, output 24V

Operating Languages:             Chinese & English

Printing accuracy:                   ±0.1mm

Temperature:                           10-30°C, humidity 20-50%

Materials:                                PLA, ABS, TPU, Copper, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Gradient Color etc

Software supporting:              PROE, Solid-works, UG, 3d Max, Rhino 3D design software, etc

Format:                                    STL, OBJ, G-Code, JPG

Printing method:                     SD card, PC

Operating system:                   Linux, Windows, OSX

Operating software:                CURA, Repetier-Host, simplify 3D

Machine size:                          590*700*615 mm

Package weight:                      25KG

Print Quality and Design

Detection Sensor for Filament Runout:

There is an auto detector sensor installed in the machine for filament low level. The sensor indicates a user once filament runout.  At the time of this 3D printer release, this was a new feature that has not been added by most of the other Chinese manufacturers.

If you are running short of filament so  Creality CR-10 S 3D Printer indicates and stop printing. This printing can be resumed once the new filament installed.

Control is fixed externally:

In this model of Creality CR, all the controls including Ram board, power brick are located separately. The wire holder point is set on the top. The heat bed is kept electrical safe.

Improved Z-axis:

The more reliable build quality can be achieved by more improved Z axis. In Creality CR-10S the second rod for the z-axis has installed, which will make it able to build more reliable quality.

Auto-resume feature

What happened when the power break off while printing? In this case, you will lose your model but not with CR-10S 5 Creality 3D printer.  The Creality CR-10S has a feature of resume print so that it resumes the printing from where it left off once power gets back.

Removable glass bed

This design specially added to spate the print model from the bed.  It can also put it on a spool of Kapton tape if in case you do not wish to print on the bed directly.

  • Affordable price
  • Massive build volume
  • Finest print quality
  • Easy to use
  • Functions are easy
  • All filament type supported
  • SD card supported
  • Variety of software supported
  • Great print speed
  • Noise-free
  • Print bed sometimes take time to cool down
  • No proper tool available for Nozzle cleaning

Final Review Verdict
 Lastly, the printer is great for users who do not have a heavy amount of investment. you will be getting maximum of what you want from a 3D printer. The company gives you many exciting offers like a lifetime service warranty, read also XYZ ptinting da Vinci.

It comes pre-assembled, so no need to go and watch any tutorial for assembly. The wires come with labeling so they are easy to connect at the right place. The printer is affordable and gives above average results.

The size of the printer is not pretty huge but it is easy to use. It is also easy to change its location because of its lightweight and normal size.


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