ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer Review 2023

ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer

ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D PrinterGenerally, everyone would love to have a durable and advanced featured 3d printer. Today markets are full of replica products with guaranteed promises. A lot of people are spending their money on that of ordinary printers and facing a lot of disappointments see also Anes A8 3d printer.

Well, if you are also facing printing issues with your old ordinary 3d printer or you have faced scam by purchasing a 2nd copy of imported 3d printer. Whatever! After long research and self-experiments, I have brought an admirable 3d printer by ELEGOO electrical company.

In this review article, you are going to have basic and specific featured information about a 3d printer by ELEGO that named “ELEGOO mars UV photocuring LCD 3D printer.” after that, you will have my personal reviews on this 3d printer, and lastly, we have added FAQS section.

Don’t forget about the pros and cons of the ELEGOO mars printer, and we know that by adding the pros and cons, we can easily get your faith on a product.

Well before all about ELEGOO mars, let me tell you something about the manufacturers of this printer. It is always better to know something real about the brand; this way, you can get more easiness before shopping. So let start to know about the manufacturers;

What is ELEGOO?

ELEGOO is china based thriving technology company that was established in 2011. This company is open-source hardware developing production that serves in the best way. The company has more than 100 designers and employees that are giving their bests in order to facilitate their customers.

ELEGOO actually includes in the range of best sellers online. It has been designed 3d printing components for the last five years ago. All its manufactured parts are well made and offering great functions.

The 3d printer ELEGOO that you are going to review today includes in some of the market’s best 3d printers. If you want to see how? Then please read below and have some ideas about this masterpiece.

ELEGOO mars UV photocuring LCD 3d printer review:

Exactly everything is not made for everyone. This same point will be applied for this 3D printer. The company has made an “ELEGOO mars UV photocuring LCD 3d printer,” especially for professionals or for those who want to run their 3D tasks in a professional way.

Well, ELEGOO never compromises on the material quality. That is why it made this 3D printer with aluminum. This same model of mars UV photocuring printer comes in two different color combinations that are; silver/orange and black red. Both colors are attractive, so any of them will easily suitable for your office.

The company has intended this 3D printer with a modern version of CHITUBOX slicing software. This software is incredibly enough to give you the best experience for 3D printing. Seriously CHITUBOX slicing software is able to make a model of 30mb file within one minute only, while ordinary software can take up to 10 minutes for a model.

Even now, a user can hollow out his model just before slicing. This hollowing will save all resin systematically within the photocuring process. ELEGOO mars printer is containing 40 watt UV lights for using ELEGOO resin. With the help of UV light and ELEGO resin, you may have good 3d printing results.

Undoubtedly ELEGOO mars 3d printer is included in the convenient and smart products of the year. Further, the designers have made this printer with 3.5 inches color touch screen through you can operate the latest version of the CHITUBOX 0.5 system. Heavenly this printer is best for off-line printing tasks also.

The platform of this printer is built with a steel ball balancing structure; by you can start your printings within only 5 minutes after assembly. This advanced 3d printer is able to use a 2560×1440 2K HD covering LCD. It provides perfect printing in the presence of XY axis resolutions with a measurement of 0.00185inches / 0.047mm in total.

The mars UV photocuring printer is systematical works and able to do huge printing tasks. By using this 3d printer, everyone can make an example of great creativity. Undoubtedly it is all as per on the user that how it actually uses a machine.

Specific technical features:

  • 5 Inch Touch Screen
  • Intend with CHITUBOX DLP Slicer software
  • 047mm (2560*1440) XY resolution
  • 01-0.2mm layer thickness
  • 5mm/h printing speed
  • Required 110-220V, 12V5A 60W electric power to run

My personal reviews for Mars UV 3D Printer:

Unfortunately, ELEGOO was an unknown brand for me before buying for Mars UV 3D Printer. Often times I think about my past that how much I always sucked by useless 3d printing machines. Whole-heartedly I would like to thank ELEGOO that made this incredible printer that saved my job.

Personally, I’m very inspired by this printer in order to have its sturdiness and advanced features. From designing to its material, everything of mars UV is incredible for me. Seriously now I can take urgent orders of 3D artwork by staying at home.

The photocuring technology of mars UV is such an instance of awesome technology by ELEGOO. Truly I have never seen a photocuring 3d printer with LCD feature before mars UV. Not only but now have I always suggested my friends and colleagues to buy and use this most convenient printer of this year.

This printer is absolutely a user-friendly printer that is suitable for indoor and office works. I think if you have some money, then you have to try ELEGOO mars UV once in your life anyhow, and I’m very sure once you have used this printer, then you will never let it go from your table.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple to use
  • great outputs
  • sturdiness confirmed
  • attractive looks
  • editor’s choice
  • best quality printer
  • having advanced features
  • Not affordable for every one
  • Not available globally
  • Quite heavy to carry
  • Rarely leaves some curves in printing
  • Not recommended for low power
ELEGOO mars UV 3d printer is one of the best 3d printer of 2021. This 3d printer is having a lot of advanced and functional features. It comes in attractive colors and quality metal (aluminum.) by using this printer, now everyone can save his time and reduce the risk of waste. It only takes your 5 minutes to perform your task after assembly.

What comes with a printer?

  • One Mask
  • Three Gloves
  • Ten Funnel
  • One Scraper
  • One UL Adapter 60W
  • One User Instructor kit
  • Two rooks
  • One Resin Tank
  • Once U Disk * 1
  • Once Tool Kit
  • Once Measuring Cup

Frequently asked questions section:

What type of resin used for 3d printers?

All 3d printers are suitable with some specific type resins, including greasy, mammoth, and standard type resins. The standard resin will be good to use for the UV mars 3d printer.

Can 3d printer work on the low power supply?

It is al as per on the quality of a printer that how much supply it requires. Often printers stop even losing some watt of their supply whether some 3d printer can work excellently on lack of supply of electricity power.

Can I perform difficult tasks on mars UV 3d printer?

Absolutely you can perform all types of your tasks easily. Mars UV printer is incredibly designed to perform all types of tasks. It always relies on complexity but gives easiness to the user.


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