How To 3D Print From Thingiverse -Interface Explained

3D printing has never been easier since the Thingiverse platform has been introduced. Thingiverse has played an important role in increasing the popularity of 3D print from Thingiverse.

This platform has made it easier to discover and share multiple 3D designs and has created a community of like-minded people sharing files and ideas related to the field.

No matter you are working in a professional environment or just started learning the art of 3D printing, Thingiverse is your platform, and you can learn it with ease in a few days.

Having command on this platform gives you an edge in your career and enhances your speed and performance.

By now, MakerBot Thingiverse has become the most popular platform and the world’s largest 3D printing community to find out and print 3D models in a go.

Therefore it is important that you know how to get involved in it and for this reason, here we are going to present you with a comprehensive guide to give you a round of this amazing platform.


Giving you the basic idea or introduction, Thingiverse is an online platform which allows you to find 3D models and designs from millions of 3D files available on the site.

The platform is used by thousands of users around the world who upload and download 3D print designs of all kinds and making it the most important and reliable file-sharing sites on the 3D printing marketplace.

The best thing about this platform is that it is absolutely free, and in addition, it allows you to customize the model according to your requirements.

By this way, rather than creating a 3D model from the very start, you may find a similar model on this platform and can make changes into it to as per your need.

How To 3D Print From THINGIVERSE

3D Printing with Thingiverse

In order to get access to the millions of models and designs, you need to sign up on Thingiverse, which only takes a minute, you can also use Thingiverse 3D printing Service.

Once you are in, you can search for your desire model, saves your files, organize or download models. Let’s get familiarize with the interface first.

Exploring Interface

As soon as you enter the website of the platform, on the home screen you will see a collection of 3D models from a wide variety of trades and in the header section, you will see a search bar along with other options, such as creating an account, signing in, etc. in order to utilize all the features of the platform it is recommended that you sign in with your credentials and if you don’t have an account, you can create it for free.

Looking Up For The Design And Models

In the header section of the interface, you will also see an “Explore” option; here, you can see that models are categorized into different fields. Drop-down and filter options further make it easier for you to search related item and design.

The search bar area in the header section is also a good option to find out your design. Enter the keyword you are looking for, and you will find hundreds of related designs and models.

It becomes difficult to choose and identify the appropriate design, and for this reason, you will see filter options on the left side to specify the model you are looking for based on the given options.

In addition, you can see on the screen that designs are arranged by default based on the popularity, number of likes or shares and other factors. In short, there are many elements which help you in searching for the relevant and best design.

Model Selection

Once you have searched your model, you will see all the relevant details, instructions, and photos of that particular model as you click on it.

The other important feature of this platform is that it has Thingiverse customizer, which allows you to make changes in the design you have selected.

You will see similar models of the same category at the bottom of the screen that you have chosen above.

Downloading A Model

By now, you have selected the model which you are going to work on. The Thingiverse platform allows you to download the design into your computer.

For this, you will see “Thing Files” option as you click on the specific model, by clicking on this tab, you will get access to all the files of the design and also a description.

You can download all the files in a zip folder, or you can also download the specific files at a time. Save your file where you can easily access it later.

Printing The Model

You are done with the time-consuming part as searching for the right models takes time and efforts.

Now you need to make changes in the design if need any, and then slice the model according to the design you are going to build, set the appropriate parameters, filament material and all other related stuff.

Once you are done with the setting, send the sliced file to the 3D printer like Dreamer 3D printer, and now you just need to wait and watch as you see the model getting a print.

MakerBot Thingiverse is one of the amazing platforms which offers you ready-made designs and models and all of it without any fees.

User experience and cost are the two main factors, and Thingiverse is perfect in both. If you want to save your time in designing and structuring the model, Thingiverse is a platform to go and help you get started.

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