Longer orange 10 3d Printer Review 2023

longer orange 10 3d printer review 2020

longer orange 10 3d printer review 20203d printing work is such an intensive work for many people. Professionals are doing their bests in this field and having handsome money on monthly basis. Keep in mind that after having great experience and knowledge still you can’t print an especial 3d model with an ordinary 3d printer.

Normally we have variety types of 3rd printers in order to have their different sizes and shapes. Some of them are highly innovative + well-designed. After testing lots of 3d printer finally we have got our main purposed 3d printer by LONGER.

I know you have heard that brand name already. Even many of us are using LONGER’s products in our daily lives. Hopefully you all are having great funs with its modern technologies. After lot of homework and premises lastly my dream comes true.

Quality features are required for best outputs in printing work. After that size also matters for making something extraordinary. Well, if you have wasted lot of time and money, still you are not having your desired results then I must say you have to skip your ordinary printing machine, see also Longer Orange 3D printer.

Generally this page is all about an amazing 3d printer from Longer. Please wait, before starting this review page; let me give you some idea about the brand.

What is LONGER?

LONGER is short form of “Longer Precision Pump Co., Ltd.” This one is an admirable brand and connected with Halma group of agencies. This company was established in 1997 with a short stage. With time to time it ot popularity in technological field.

Many of its products are highly recommended for medical use, and this brand is basically oriented with a medical sector. Its inventions are highly convenient and becoming famous worldwide. The company promises the quality and it always designed machines by keeping customer requirements ahead.

That’s all!

Well, it was all about the LONGER, now you are going to review an amazing 3d printer by this brand. In this review article we have well explained all its features and added few advantages/ disadvantages in the form of pros/cons.

After that I have shared my personal reviews regarding this machine and then conclusion. Lastly I have added few frequently asked questions also that will make you help out in this exertion.

LONGER Orange 10 3D Printer

Quick features:

  • Full Touch Color Screen
  • High Quality and Durable
  • Uniform UV Light Design
  • High Temperature Warning
  • Smart Support and Fast Slicing
  • Standarded Printing Size

Longer 10 3d printers have no more need to appreciation. These 3d printers explain all by its looks and results. Further for your ease let me describe a printer partially.

The full name of this incredible printer is “LONGER orange 10 3d printer.” basically this one is an entry leveled LCD light curing 3d printer. It comes with modern LCD of stereo lithography (SLA) that is especially used in 3D printing. As compare to the ordinary SLA, this printer is more valuable by having luminous LEDs.

Shiny LEDs are highly intended with this printer in order to plan UV light. This UV light is especially shined to cure it resin. Longer has already some extraordinary 3d printer before but orange 10 3D has no more competitor machine.

This 3d printer is able to print 3d models y new ways. The company has especially made orange 10 3d printers for rapid prototyping and for printing bigger models with fine details.

Keep in mind that LCD printers are highly accurate than FDM printers. The entire parallel LED lighting system is highly intensive that distributes the improvement. It provides excellent printing quality with great speed and accurate stickiness.

LONGER orange printer is intended with self-developed slicing software. Through this software you may get quick outputs for any task. It can cover 100M slicing file three times in just one minute only.

As compare to the any other slicing software self-developed works faster. The company has made this printer with a color touch screen to preview. By the help of this screen a user can take easy check and balance.

Its splicing software is able to support with cross link structure, which is best for the enhancement. You can easily add, modify and delete its supports. LCD screen and FEP films are not included in its durable parts but without both of them entire printer is complete in durability.

My personal review:

Having orange 10 3D printer in my life is just as a dream comes true. I was not much interested in making 3d models with ordinary printer, but I would like to appreciate LONGER that have really make me wonder by introducing longer orange.

I was completely disappointed with my previous printer and have lost many valuable tasks. After facing lot of troubles once my friend suggested me to buy longer orange printer. At initially I thought he was joking, but finally he brings me at his home.

Later reaching in working area I saw a beautiful machine that was totally shining. Once I made a 3d model on this machine, and then totally got shocked by its results. Without wasting a single day, we both order this incredible machine from an e-commerce website Amazon.

Today, I’m really enjoying my 3d model printing work and doing lot of interesting errands. Even all my clients are getting surprised by having quick deliver and great results.

  • Great output
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean
  • Most convenient printer
  • Best for compact task
  • Well made
  • Capable to create tall models
  • Not affordable globally
  • Durability is not guaranteed
  • Looks compact
  • Not capable for printing at low power
  • Resume printing feature is not available
LONGER orange 10 3d printer is such an example of great quality and productivity. This printer is highly recommended for professional work. It has lot of advanced features, while this printer looks beautiful due to its attractive color. This printer is able to print 100m slicing file within one minute only. You may have this printer from both online and offline stores.

Frequently asked question section:

Should a beginner in 3D printing use the Orange 10?

For beginners I must say to start 3d printing with filament-based 3d printers like Monprice maker. By using these types of printers you will definitely know how to 3d printers work. Later you may move to the resin printing.

For resin printing longer orange 10 3d printers would be good choice to use. At initial it may feel you compact but with sometime you will be familiar with its use.

Can I Use Different Slicer Software?

Yes, Longer permits you different types of software to use with longer orange 10 instead of its own. Merely CHITU BOX slicer software is reliable with this printer also.

Well, tries to prefer longer slicer software for this printer, because this printer will give you full reliability.


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